Guide to DIY Bath Bombs

People have the tradition to dissolve sandalwood powder or other similar products into their bath to gain additional aroma and some benefits.

Right now, bath bombs have satisfied all these needs to make bathing time more relaxing and invigorating.

The popularity is growing via Instagram and Pinterest. You always can discover new, creative and brilliant ideas about bath bombs.

So many people prefer to DIY their own bath bombs to buy all-ready ones. DIY is a process full of fun and imagination. You can make bath bombs with your children, your lover or your friends. I promise you that it’s an amazing experience.

Here we have summed up some recipes about bath bombs for you.



Mix 2 parts of sodium and 1 part citric acid. Mix a little extra in a separate bowl, in case you add too much water/oil, it can be at hand.


Overview Directions:

Details you may pay attention:

  • Adding a tiny amount of water at a time, mixing all the time until the mixture starts to clump together as you stir it.
  • Slowly add water.
  • Too wet: the mixture sticks to your finger or on the mould.
  • Too dry: hard, crumbly or pebbly, or slips through your finger like sand.


You may ask what kinds of essential oil should I add. As you know, every essential oil has its unique functions and scents. Actually you can add any kind of essential oil only if you’d like.

Here we still prepare several different functional essential oil for you to reference.


Cold and Flu Bath Bomb

4 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil

2 drops of Peppermint essential oil

Energizer Bath Bomb

4 drops of Grapefruit essential oil

2 drops of Lemon essential oil

Sooth the Day Away Bath Bomb

4 drops of Lavender essential oil

2 drops of Frankincense essential oil

In case you are a big admirer of bath bomb, you must have tried some basic recipes. We will offer you some advanced bath bomb recipes in our next blog. If you have any requirements about bath bombs or any other beauty questions, please leave messages to us. We are glad to offer advice and help.

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