Everyone Needs to Know About Blackheads

You admire your friends perfect skin. The flawless skin let them look amazing and shining. You are round them, which makes you so gloomy. What has bothered you all the years are some small and black spots, called blackheads. It’s time to say goodbye to blackheads! Together with all other friends who have the same trouble as you, let’s solve blackheads problem step by step. First of all we need to truly know what are blackheads, and what cause blackheads. Then we can have the effective ways to diminish them.

What are Blackheads?

When you look close enough to your nose, almost everyone can see some tiny dots. Right now, you should have an exact judgment to tell which of them are blackheads and which of them are sebaceous filament.

Only your face has nearly hundreds of thousands of hair follicles, and a blackhead is a plugged hair follicle. Here you can tell the chances of its occurrence. So calm down your mind, and read the followings carefully.

Every follicle has one hair and a sebaceous gland to produce sebum oil to keep your skin soft, which is natural and normal. Your skin will shed dead skin cells, which are into follicle and mixed with oil to form a plug. The plug pushes onto the skin surface and forms a bump called a comedone.

Sometimes, the comedone remains intact, which is whitehead. When the comedone opens and contacts with air, it becomes blackheads, which is black or yellowish in color.


Blackhead can appear on the face, back, neck, arms and shoulders. You need to know blackheads have no relationship with your skin being dirty.

According to AAD(America Academy of Dermatology), about 40 to 50 millions Americans have acne skin problem, including blackheads.

Now we go back to the beginning, why some dark dots are not blackheads. That’s because they are sebaceous filaments or glands, which connect the skin oil flow and your pores. Sebaceous filaments are fairly even and feel smooth to touch.


What Cause Blackheads?

Most blackheads are caused by natural functions of your skin and body. Teenagers have a great chance to have blackheads, because of blackheads’ preference of teen skin that generates huge hormones to stimulate your skin’s oil glands.

But some additional factors also can cause blackheads. That explains why some adults also have blackheads.

Your skin is not properly cleansed. The dead cells will accumulate in the pores and block your pores to cause oil buildup.

Oil-based cosmetics or moisturizers can also cause blackheads. You can choose water-base moisturizers or non-comedogenic products for your daily skin care.

Pollution is one major element, the humidity and grease in your working and living environment. All of these can increase the chances of blackheads’ breakout.

Some dietary factors, disease or medications may encourage skin cells turnover rapidly to cause blackheads.


How to Remove Blackheads?

The primary key is to have the correct way. The most common mistake is to scrub the blackhead areas, which will cause over oil to produce and create a appropriate environment to blackheads.

Blackhead should be solved in a corrective and proper way.

If your blackheads are not serious, you can use some cream, gel, lotion, which contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and resorcinol to kill bacteria, remove excess oil and dead skin cells.

Or you can try some natural remedies, including egg white mask, honey and cinnamon combination, lemon water, soda water, oatmeal and yogurt mask, etc. These remedies are safe and mild, but it takes some time to have effect.

If you want to have more obvious effect, you can try chemical peels. A strong chemical solution is applied to the skin to peel off the top layers of the skin. Chemical peels are better to be performed by professional dermatologists.

Once your blackheads are not getting better, you can use stronger prescription medications, which contain Vitamin A and fasten skin cells turnover. Follow your doctor’s instructions to apply these medications on your skin.

You can also try some advanced technology, which requires very professional doctors and instrument to apply. Mocrodermabrasion requires a doctor to use a professional instrument that has a rough surface to sand your surface skin to remove clogs that cause blackheads. Laser and light therapies use tiny beams of intense light to reduce oil buildup and kill bacteria, which does not damage the epidermis.

Do not try to remove blackheads by yourself, which is possible to leave scars or get infected. If you really need to manual removal, you can go to see doctors who can use a special instrument called round loop extractor to remove the plugs that causing blackheads.


How Can Blackheads be Prevented?

When your skin has over sebum and dead skin cells, microcomedones are formed, which are invisible to the naked eye. Microcomedones are the primary stage of blackheads. But you can prevent blackheads from the beginning.

  • Normal and gentle daily cleansing your skin in the morning and at night, without scrubbing or over-washing. In the meantime, keep your towel and pillow cover clean.
  • Use gels or lotions containing Vitamin A, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, or azelaic acid, which can help relief symptoms of blackheads.
  • Use noncomedogenic skin products, nonacnegenic and oil-free cosmetics, toiletries and sunscreens to protect your skin.
  • Try to avoid over using of astringents, toners and exfoliants, which could dry your skin and worsen the blackheads or other acne.
  • Do not pop, squeeze or pick blackheads or acne, which could cause scars and infected.

If your blackheads are getting worse, your dermatologist is your best answer.

After this article, you must have a clear overview about blackheads. You can find your best solution in this article according to your condition. If you have other skin problems, please leave messages to us. We are pleased to answer all your questions.

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