5 Ways to Remove Blackheads- Part 2

Blackheads can look ill-favored and ruin your looks if you don’t use a proper way to remove them. Normal face washes and cleans can’t work effectively to get rid of blackheads because they are embedded deep in your skin pores. Regular scrubbing your face can help to reduce the occurrence of blackheads but it doesn’t remove them thoroughly. If you want to solve the problem of blackhead completely, it is important to use some specifically ways designed for removing them.

The first article introduced homemade DIY masks and blackhead extractor tools to get rid of blackheads, now we continue to provide the last three efficient and effective ways to naturally remove your blackheads from your nose and face.

3. Using Blackhead Remover Masks

Here are two popular blackhead remover masks which work effectively in cleaning the pores and removing blackheads. The one is blackhead remover peel off mask and the other one is blackhead remover mud mask.

The peel off mask can use bamboo charcoal to deeply clean stubborn blackheads and acnes on nose, face, back, and arms. Bamboo charcoal complex also helps to unclog your pores and control oil.

The mud mask not only includes charcoals extract, but also enriches with polypeptide collagen, shea butter, aloe vera and jojoba oil to reduce wrinkles and keep younger looking skin.

The following is the perfect 6-step guide for best results.

Step 1: Remove any makeup, wash your face with warm water and open your skin pores.

Step 2: If you have sensitive skin, you can apply a few drops of Coconut Oil around your eyes. Remember to avoid applying any mud to this area.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of blackhead remover mud mask to your clean skin in circular motion avoiding the eye and lip area.

Step 4: Play your favorite or soothing music and relax for 10-15 minutes and wait for your mask dries. It doesn’t have to be fully dry for you to receive its benefits.

Step 5: If you use peel off mask, remember to gently peel off the mask from the bottom to the top when it is completely dry. If you use mud mask, using warm water to rinse the mask off your face. Gently pat your face with a clean dry towel.

Step 6: Apply your daily skincare moisturizer to your face.

Blackhead remover masks are a relaxing, easy solution to your skincare concerns. You can utilize them to remove your blackheads and get a glowing, taut, blemish-free skin.

4. Using Blackhead Remover Machine

Blackhead remover machine is non-surgical skin resurfacing facial machine that use millions of natural mineral particles to remove dead skin cells on the top layer and suction to remove the particles along with blackheads and dirt.

Generally, blackhead remover machine provides four individual probe heads with different benefits.

The first probe head is microcrystalline probe, which is a large probe that rays millions of microscopic crystals on the skin with high adsorption to get rid of blackheads.

The second probe head is large circular form probe which is also a large probe using strong suction to massage and stimulate blood flow to tighten skin.

The third is small circular form probe which is a small and circular probe that can be focused on blackheads to help unclog pores and reduce the look of spots. The third probe is suitable for sensitive skin.

The last one is oval probe which is a probe with micro pulling effect that smooths areas with fine lines and wrinkle including corners of eyes and mouths. The massage deeply penetrates your skin and stimulates circulation to prevent the new wrinkles.

The following is the perfect 4-step guide:

Step 1: Use a hot towel on your face 3-5 minutes to help open your skin pores.

Step 2: According to your requirements to choose one of probe head and install it.

Step 3: Press the power button and choose the lowest level suction pressures first. Then if you can accept the pressure, you can increase the level.

Step 4: Hold and move it in a direction along the way gently for 1-2 minutes in your first time.

After using the machine, please use a cold towel to shrink your skin pores and after that apply daily skincare moisturizers. You had better to begin by using the machine with the lowest level pressure. If you start with a high intensity, it can lead to bruises and redness in your skin. Typically, it recommends using in 3 times per week to see visibly significant results.

5. Choosing Medical Treatments


If you have a really tough time with bad skin and blackheads, you can pay a visit to your doctor for some useful advices. The doctor will examine your skin type and provide the best type of treatment for you and consider using prescription products for you.

There are some medicines that your doctor can prescribe if you have blackheads and acnes that is not getting better with over-the-counter medicines. This is not suitable for people who just have a few awkward blackheads on their nose.

Your doctor may prescribe benzoyl peroxide. It is comedolytic, anti-inflammatory, and has been shown to reduce the bacteria thought to play a role in blackheads and acnes.

Be prepared for oral antibiotics and a topical treatment. It is possible that your doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics to take orally alongside a topical treatment if you also have inflammatory acne lesions alongside your blackheads.

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